Written by Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, September 3, 2010

They sat on the beach chairs they had positioned at the waters edge, watching the sun slowly rise in the east.

Side by side, his left hand holding her right across the space between the chairs. The waves gently lapped at their feet and ankles. Their toes buried in the warm wet sand.

The giant orange orb appeared slowly. The sky above changing shades from a dark black filled with millions upon millions of twinkling stars sliding to a deep blue, the light from the stars fading as the depth of color behind them lightened.

Crab Salad On A Bed Of Lettuce With A Large Drink



They sat on the beach chairs they had positioned at the waters edge, watching the sun slowly rise in the east.

Side by side, his left hand holding her right across the space between the chairs. The waves gently lapped at their feet and ankles. Their toes buried in the warm wet sand.

The giant orange orb appeared slowly. The sky above changing shades from a dark black filled with millions upon millions of twinkling stars sliding to a deep blue, the light from the stars fading as the depth of color behind them lightened.

On the horizon, the sky was a radiant transition from the dark blue of the ocean to a brilliant white around the outer edges of the sun to yellow and oranges. The clouds above were showered in glorious shades of blues, yellows and reds reflecting the colors of the sky.

He gripped her hand tighter in a show of total devotion and she squeezed back, tilting her head slightly to look at this man she adored.

She could see a smile on his face, lit by the slowly rising sun.

The orb continued to show itself slowly, from a sliver to a quarter circle to a half circle and then, in what seemed to be a split second, the entire golden sun was above the horizon line and the sky became a light shade of blue. Above them, the moon, which just a few short minutes ago had been full and brilliant, was now just a faint ball of light in the sky.

They were still dressed in the evening wear from the night before. Having arrived the day before to this tropical paradise, their evening was one of memories.


Checking into the suite he had reserved, they unpacked their luggage silently. Words were not needed. Every movement and glance conveyed the thrill they both felt to be together. As they passed each other moving from the closet to the open cases on the bed, their hands would brush, a small kiss on the cheek or a hand on the hip was all that was needed between them.

After unpacking, they opened the bottle of Roederer Cristal Champagne left by the management of the resort. Tilting the glass at the proper angle, he poured her glass first then his own. Placing the bottle back into the silver iced bucket he took her hand and led her out to the balcony. Standing next to each other, face to face he looked into her eyes.

“Angel, I have waited for this moment since the day we met. I knew immediately you were the only one I wanted or needed in my life. Today we begin a wondrous journey, one of friendship, love, lust, desire and happiness.”

He touched the edge of his glass to hers and they both sipped the golden, smooth, bubbly wine.

She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling in the bright of the afternoon, the smile on her lips sumptuous. “My darling, you’re the man I have been waiting for. You have made me the happiest woman.” Again, their glasses touched and then were brought to their lips, each savoring the delicate liquid; eyes locked in a loving gaze.

They stood there for what seemed forever, arms around each others waist looking out at the aqua colored glory of the ocean and the white sand beach. Shortly, silently, they turned in unison and made their way back into the room. The overhead fan turning slowly, the ocean breeze causing the thin curtains to billow into the room, they undressed each other slowly and then he pulled the comforter off the bed. They met on the cool linen sheets and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the love they had discovered.


After a short nap, they woke and washed each other in the oversize shower which was part of the luxury suite that would be their home for the next week.

He moved into the bedroom, leaving her to use the bathroom as they both dressed; she in a black plunging v-neck dress with an open back. As she slid her feet into the shoes she smiled, knowing his love of this style and the reaction she would see in his eyes when he saw her in them.

He dressed in his tuxedo, vest and tie. He preferred the newer styling’s of a traditional tie rather than a bow tie, when wearing his tuxedo. The crisp white shirt showed off the silver of the tie and vest. His longer then normal jet black hair (now beginning to show strands of silver throughout), covering the collar of his shirt.

Looking in the mirror, he slid his arms into the jacket and adjusted his tie one last time. Walking out of the bedroom into the living room area, he stopped short. She was on the balcony, her back to him, watching as the sun slowly sank in the sky. Her skin was radiant even from where he stood. She had made sure she had a tan before coming down to the island, wanting to glow as she did now.

His eyes tracked from her long flowing hair, over her back, exposed in the dress she wore, down along her legs, perfectly shaped and so soft looking. His mind wandered back to that afternoon, his fingertips touching the softness. Then he saw the shoes and he smiled.


He walked to the bar and poured two more glasses of champagne. As he stepped onto the balcony she heard his shoes hit the cement and turned. Her eyes devoured him from top to bottom. She loved the length of his hair, the smile on his lips, the way he looked in the tuxedo…everything about him.

When she turned his eyes instinctively slid down to her shoes once again and the smile on his face widened as he saw them in their entirety. Two silver straps across the top of her feet and then criss-crossing twice around her ankles, one low, one high and a nice heel height. Her toenails were freshly painted a light shade of pink to match the nails on her hands.

She watched his face as he saw the shoes and she whispered “All for you my love.” Reaching out she took the flute glass from his hand and slid next to him, her body conforming to his. He slid his arm around her waist, fingertips sliding along the exposed skin of her back. “Baby, you are going to make every man in the restaurant leave their dates.”

A slight blush crept across her cheeks. He always flattered her like this and a long time ago she learned not to protest. She did not see it, but if he did, then she accepted it with glee.

Their lips met in a soft kiss, tongues touching gently. “We should go,” he spoke as their lips broke, “Or else we will miss our reservations.”

They put their drinks on the table and she grabbed her clutch and they walked out the door.


The evening had been spectacular. Dinner was at the main restaurant in the resort. There were 6 different restaurants on site and they had planned on experiencing each. The others were more casual, so for their first evening here, they had selected the formal dining area.

When they walked in, as he had suspected, some heads turned. His eyes taking in the reactions, he smiled and gripped her waist tighter. Leaning in he whispered “Told you.” She smiled and replied “Well, their dates would be upset if they noticed, but they are all looking at you.” A small laugh was shared between them.

The Maitre’de approached and smiled. “Good evening, welcome.”

The name was given for the reservations and they were led to a small table in the center of the room. She had no idea, but much of this had been orchestrated weeks before their arrival. He had spoken with the concierge and made sure the first day of their trip went without a hitch. The champagne in the room specially selected, the table chosen with care.

The meal was exquisite. A fresh bottle of Cristal was delivered to the table immediately. They began with appetizers of jumbo lump crab meat and shrimp with a tangy cocktail sauce. She then had the grilled lobster tail with clarified butter accompanied by a small filet wrapped in bacon. Asparagus tips completed her main course. He selected the blackened tuna steak with roasted potatoes and broccoli crowns.

When their plates were removed, the waiter arrived with two orders of chocolate mousse which he had pre-ordered. “Please enjoy, compliments of our chef.”

She thanked the waiter and he nodded and smiled. “Did you do this?” she asked. “Me?” he smiled back at her. That was something he had trouble with. She always knew when he had done something and tried to make it look like the idea of another.

“Oh darling, you know you can’t hide things from me. You should have learned long ago.” She said smiling.

He took her hand from across the table and kissed her fingertips. “Baby, you know I have, but you also know I will keep trying over and over.” Nearby tables turned to look as they both laughed heartily,


After dinner, they moved into the disco and had spent a few hours dancing and drinking more champagne. At one point he had slipped the DJ $10 to play the song that had always been so special to them.

On the dance floor they moved in perfect synchronization, as they did in the bedroom. Tight together at times and then perfect spins and dips to the music. Not many were on the floor as they danced, but every eye in the room was on them, gliding effortlessly, moving in unison, a story told in dance and movement.

If only those watching knew that this was something that was just natural for the two lovers. Their very first time on the dance floor had been a magical moment those many years ago. That night, they were both surprised at how natural it had felt. As if they had been dancing together for years, instead of minutes.

As the song came to an end, they kissed softly and a number of people in the room began clapping their approval.

She smiled softly at him, “Oh, I am so in love.”

“As am I darling, and everyone in the room knows it,” he said as he kissed her cheek, inhaling her soft perfume.


They then moved into the casino next door where he sat at the poker table playing Texas Hold-em and she went to the Craps table and played. Though they were apart, they were within eye-sight of each other and would, on occasion, look over at the other and send love with their eyes and kisses with their lips.

She eventually came over and stood behind him, her hand on his shoulder as he played. As he folded a hand, he leaned his head back and she leaned in and they kissed. “How did you do Angel?” he asked. She giggled and the sound moved from his ears to the pit of his stomach. Her giggle lit his world. “Not bad at all, I think I will be doing some shopping tomorrow.” His groan was for effect as was her palm slapping his shoulder in reaction.

He played a few more hands and then cashed in his chips. “Looks like you can come with me and shop, you did well,” she said as he stood and they walked to the Cashiers Windows.

“I may be spending mine in the spa, a nice massage and manicure might be in order,” he spoke as they walked.


It was about 1:00 AM and they walked out to the beach. Both had removed their shoes and he had rolled his pants legs up as they strolled hand in hand along the surf. They found two beach chairs and moved them to the waters edge. They sat together holding hands and talking.

At some point they had stopped talking and just sat, basking in the love that had developed over the ten years since they had met. Each of their lives had changed greatly over those ten years and now it was finally the time for them to begin anew…together.

He released her hand and she looked over to see a new smile. One that had a purpose. He stood and moved to her side and then knelt in the sand.

“A long time ago we spoke of this, and now it is time.” His hand slid from his pocket and she saw the ring in his palm.

“Forever, together, my light, my soul, my love…please join me in an incredible journey…”

The tears in her eyes told him the answer and they kissed, softly as the sun continued to rise into the sky...


An Original Work Of Fiction Copyright 2007 - V.E.M.
Any resemblance to actual people living or dead is purely coincidental.
Originally Published On 4/23/07

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